Educational Trails

I am creating the design and the illustrations of Educational trails, working together with the wonderful Team of  the Patkós Stúdió since 2016 . These projects allow me to create something valuable for the future by merging my pedagogical knowledge and artistic skills together.

Salföld Manor (2020)

*Winning project - New Talent Site Specific category of the World Illustration Awards*

This project is on a nature conservationist Farm, where the guest can get to now the hungarian indigenous livestock and learning about herbs, the world of sheperds and their animals. The board I designed are 100*70 cm, and contain interactive elements like 3D printing (insects, sheperds staff and axe), sound, moving elements (like the horn pairing game) and more.

Fecskeház - Youth guesthouse(2020)

We worked together with the Hortobágy National Park and created several interactive boards in the interieur and in the garden aswell of a juvenile guesthouse. My pourpose was to create a visual language which is easy to decode for younger kids, correctly presents the characteristic of the specific animals, but also have a contemporary look.

Lake Tisza Boardwalk (2020)

This project was also created for the Hortobágy National Park. The visitors can walk along the reeds and lagoons of the lake and explore with the help of the National Park’s guides and our illustrated boards the treasures of Lake Tisza wildlife.

Hajdúnánási Zöldellő Tanösvény (2018)


Sketchbook of Lakaliti
Ludwig Museum

„Sketchbook of Lakaliti” is an educational art drawing booklet, which guides children from ages 7 to 10 in the exhibition: „Westkunst–Ostkunst”, a selection from the collection in Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest. Its goals are to introdouce the young visitors to how the human body war perceived in art during the 20th and 21th century and also to help them feel at ease in an exhibition. The minimalistic layout of the booklet is meant to inspire creations, akin to a blank canvas inspiring an artist.

The pedagogical concept behind this piece was created in a collaboration with László Hemrik (Head of Museum Education) and Zita Varga. Available in english or hungarian version.