Instagram stickers for social Media campaing – Tasz (Hungarian Cilivil Liberties Union)


Instagram story gifs – Tasz (2021)

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union is a human rights NGO. I created these gif stickers for use in Instagram stories for their spring campaign. In Hungary, when filing your taxes each year 1% of an individuals personal income tax can be donated to foundations. Non-governmental organizations operating in Hungary heavily rely on these donations, hence the importance of these campaigns where foundations can showcase their work to recruit supporters. The timing of this campaign was around Easter, and the slogan of the campaign was thusly inspired by a hungarian tradition. According to tradition men splashed young women with water as a symbol of fertility. Before doing so, it is polite to ask Am I allowed to sprinkle  The slogan of the campaign phrases questions in a similar way: "Am I allowed to love, to study, to inquire, to create and to live?" Each question reflects on societal issues that this foundation strives to engage in, and believes that the hungarian government should be acting in the interest of people.