Art education
& Workshops |

I completed my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the Institute for Education in Art, where I acquired skills for a difference-sensitive visual education.

Flow Paper Scissors is a series of regular collage-workshops, that I co-organize with Eszter Knopp.

In 2016 I took part in an internship at the Ludwig Museum Budapest, where besides the educational work with young people in the museums summer camp and weekend-programs I had the chance do first develop the educational concept and design of the layout of a booklet with short tasks for children aged 6-10 about the museums collection.  

Environmental education, trails & exhibitions |

As an illustrator, project manager and conceptual designer
 I participated in more than 30 projects at Patkós Stúdió for clients such as National Parks from Hungary and other Central European countries. My tasks at the studio include creating the overall concept of the educational trail or the conservationist exhibition suited to its store of learning and characteristic of the landscape or space, designing the pedagogical concept and mechanics of the educational equipment (such as interactive boards, boardgames and  furniture). The project that are shown here were also illustrated by me.

Civil liberties – educational & informative materials |

My work includes “low bono” and volunteer work for the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, an NGO that provides  legal aid against systematic problems such as any form of discrimination, freedom of press, speech and educaton in Hungary. They also create campaigns to help citizens to acquaint their civil rights in which I had the opportunitiy to contribute to.